Learning Process Consulting

Over the last 15 years we worked in big and small companies to deliver e-learning and talent management services.

Our area of expertise includes the whole lifecycle of learning in the work environment:

  • Training Needs Analysis and Working Environment Analysis
  • Competency and Talent Assessment
  • Training design
  • Training planning, orgenization and certification
  • Training delivery and management (Istructor led, self-paced online, social and community)
  • Training Evaluation (Reaction, Retention, Transfer in work environment, Business Impact)
  • Reporting and Learning Big Data Analysis

We team up with our clients and share our experience to realize sustainable, effective and long lasting learning and development projects.

Topic constantly researches and implements innovative training and learning methodologies and we support our clients in approaching new ways to grow their people's talent by means of:

  • Gamification
  • Blended learning
  • Social learning
  • Video learning

Technologies are continuously changing the way we all learn and teach. Topic helps its customer in selecting and implementing the most appropriate software solution for the design of the learning content and management of the learning services.

We have direct and in-depth experience in the best learning and talent management systems and in the e-learning authoring suites available on the market.
Our customers rely on us to carry out:

  • Software selection for LMS, TMS and Authoring Tools
  • E-learning Project management
  • System and service administrators Training
  • Instructional designers Training
  • Change Management


The most successful companies build their value on effective and business-driven training and development services targeted to employees, partners and sales channel networks.

Not all companies can afford the creation a competent and self-sufficient internal team capable of creating and managing e-learning projects: this approach can be expensive and time consuming.

Topic has the right experience and set of skills to analyze companies "as-is" learning process and design the future process "to-be" where non-core services and skills are outsourced and managed by Topic, in order to reduce implementation timelines, costs and project risks.


Here are some examples:

  • First and second level help desk, including relationship management with LMS vendor's support
  • System and service administration for Learning Management Systems, Collaboration and Social suites
  • E-learning content lifecycle management (Optimization, Versioning, Upgrading, Restyling, SCORM/AICC compliancy, Publishing, Testing/Debugging)
  • Data intake processes 
  • Advanced Reporting, Big Data Analysis and Infographics design