Our Toolbox

Learning &Talent Management Systems

Topic has hands-on experience in managing the major LMS available on the market today: Saba, SuccessFactors, Cornerstone Ondemand, Docebo, Coursemill.

We support our clients during the software selection phase to better identify the ideal solution for their business needs, among the variety of platforms available in the industry.

After the best option has been idetified, we offer consulting services to map the current company's training processes against the configuration requirements of the selected system and after that we help setting up the system, training administrators and launching the system to the whole end users audience.

Topic also offers outsourcing services to manage the day by day routine of the LMS: help desk services for administrators and end users, content publishing and data migration, reporting and learning quality measurement.

Authoring Tools

Every organization includes people active in training processes: either trainers, knowledge managers, or experts in different areas of the company's core know how.

In order for any training to be effective and relevant these people must be at the center of the learning initiatives in the company.

Topic works side by side with these persons to enhance their possibility to grow trainees competencies, by better, faster, more structured training approaches and tools.

There is a variety of brilliant, easy to use software packages to deliver interactive learning content on all kinds of devices PC, Tablet e Smartphone: these tools do not require specific technical skill, but can unleash the power to train: Lectora, Camtasia, AdobeCaptivate, Articulate, Storyline, ZebraZapps.

Topic supports its clients in seleceting and adopting these tools, transferring the required skills and competencies needed to create storyboards and realize tutorials, interactive stories, tests and simulations.

When needed, content publisching tasks can be outsourced to Topic: the clients obtain both the ready to use e-learning content and the source files, in order to ensure the possibility for the client to keep the content alive and maintain and update it at any moment.

Topic is partner of Lectora, the offline and online authoring suite most complete available today.

Learning Gamification and Community Systems

Training research has shown that blended learning paths are farmore successful when including social gaming dynamics and community environments.

These methods can make change happen as a result fo the training activity (the so-called transfer of competency in the work environment) in a more effective way compared with training initiatives based on self-paced training and/or traditional instructor led training.

Topic designs and manage online collaboration enviroment, based on different web platforms (Liferay, Wordpress, Google, Curatr).

Topic is proud partner of Curatr, the first online platform for Gamified Learning.